How It Works


There’s nothing more devastating than missing out on a valuable commission, especially when you find out that your client had an existing buyer agency agreement or listing agreement with another company. That’s why we created Buyer Defend. Our interactive database securely compiles agency agreement data across brokerages and allows users to cross reference their leads to ensure that new leads aren’t someone else’s client. Registration is completely free, and we offer a variety of premium plans to fit your needs.

Avoid Conflicts

Real estate is an undeniably competitive field and competition is particularly fierce when it comes to attracting online leads. Many times, clients forget how many agents they have spoken with and may be confused if another agent starts sending them additional information. Our goal is to help alleviate possible conflicts between brokerages; saving your time, frustration, and money. If another party enters your client’s name, your contact information will be displayed so that misunderstandings can be handled promptly and professionally.

Protect Your Clients

The Buyer Defend’s secure database is the perfect place to store your client data and keep your leads together in one place. Once you have entered your client’s information, it will then be searchable on our website by your client's name (you can not search by agent's name). If any other agent enters your client’s name, they will show up on our website as having an possible existing agreement and provide your contact information.

Keep Up with Your Contracts

The most common complaint from real estate customers is that their agent didn’t communicate with them well enough or often enough. With Buyer Defend, it is our hope to make those complaints a thing of the past. Once your client data is safe and secure, it is even easier to keep up with your database. Our premium plan allows users to sort their contacts by expiration of agreement, to ensure that you never miss the opportunity to re-up your agreements or discuss different strategies. Buyer Defend strives to provide our users with excellent technology to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Sign up to begin today!

Security First

Security is paramount at Buyer Defend and we have multiple redundancies in place. First, the data is stored offsite in a secure vault. Next all data is siloed under each user and only the program is able to search across the platform. Finally, each user is insured by Wingman Insurance should the database ever be compromised and you experienced a loss.

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